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Adult Face Painting & Custom Faces!

Face & Body Art Gallery!

Please Click Here to book your party 
with a professional face painter!mailto:missiallen@verizon.net?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Face%20Painting%20PArty%20Pros!mailto:missiallen@verizon.net?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Face%20Painting%20PArty%20Pros!mailto:missiallen@verizon.net?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Face%20Painting%20Party%20Pros!shapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1
Please Click Here to book your party 
with a professional face painter!mailto:missiallen@verizon.net?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Face%20Painting%20Party%20Pros!mailto:missiallen@verizon.net?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Face%20Painting%20Party%20Pros!mailto:missiallen@verizon.net?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Face%20Painting%20PArty%20Pros!shapeimage_7_link_0shapeimage_7_link_1
Please Click Here to book your party with a professional face painter!mailto:missiallen@verizon.net?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Face%20Painting%20Party%20Pros!mailto:missiallen@verizon.net?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Face%20Painting%20PArty%20Pros!shapeimage_8_link_0

~Face Painting Party Pros artists come with everything we need to paint at your event.

~ Fees are $110 per hour plus a travel fee depending on your location. We accept PayPal for your convenience.

~Just leave a small space for us to paint and plenty of room for everyone to watch the fun!

~ Our Party face Painting Party Pros artist can paint up to 15 faces an hour, depending on the designs chosen.

~ Our Party Face Painting Party Pros artists can do Custom Face & Body Painting in our studio or your place before your special event.

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Please Click Here to book your party 
with a professional face painter!mailto:missiallen@verizon.net?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Face%20painting%20Party%20Pros!mailto:missiallen@verizon.net?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Face%20painting%20Party%20Pros!mailto:missiallen@verizon.net?subject=Inquiry%20from%20Face%20Painting%20Party%20Pros!shapeimage_10_link_0shapeimage_10_link_1

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Caricatures make another fun addition to your party! People or Pets! We can do that, too!